Carrion Crown

loot from Harrowstone


500 gp (the prison’s payroll and
petty cash fund) and a wooden rack on which sit emergency
supplies (four potions of cure moderate wounds, three potions
of lesser restoration, and two potions of remove disease).
f ive vials of holy water, a scroll of lesser
restoration, and a wand of cure light wounds
(15 charges).
healer’s kits, 3 vials of antitoxin, 2 vials of antiplague, 3
doses of bloodblock, 3 doses of smelling salts, 2 vials of
soothe syrup, and 4 potions of cure light wounds
Holy Symbols worth 300g
+1 battle Axe
tarnished silver flute worth 300g

masterwork thieves’ tools, a bronze war
medallion from the Shining Crusade (worth 40 gp), an
unframed Taldan painting of Stavian I (worth 100 gp),
a set of a noblewoman’s silver hair clips (worth 35 gp),
a masterwork punching dagger, a pouch containing a
dozen masterwork shurikens, a masterwork silver war
razor, and a wand of lesser restoration (12 charges).
Masterwork Smiths hammer
gp, a broken masterwork heavy crossbow, a masterwork
longsword, a +1 heavy mace, a stone of alarm,
six suits of masterwork chainmail
and six suits of masterwork studded leather armor,
four masterwork longswords, four masterwork heavy
maces, two masterwork heavy crossbows, 120 crossbow
bolts, a case of 10 +1 crossbow bolts, a wand of hold person
(11 charges), 4 potions of cure moderate wounds, and a rope of
+1 keen longsword, a +1
mithral dagger, and a ring of protection +1.

loot from Harrowstone

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