Vesorianna Hawkran

When the PCs enter this room, Vesorianna manifests immediately before them, rising from the mound of moldering fabric that serves as her tomb. She appears as a beautiful young woman dressed in a tattered but lovely blue dress. In fact, much about the ghost is blue, including her hair, the tears that run from her pale blue eyes, and the clouds of smoke that drift from her lips when she speaks. Her death and undeath have been hard on her, but while she clings to the assumption that the PCs are the “new guards” sent from the town to replace the cowards who locked her in the workshop, she has a relatively good idea about what’s going on in

Harrowstone and knows what must be done in order to prevent the release of its haunts.

When you met the Ghost Vesorianna Hawkran in the old workshop of Harrowstone she relayed to you some details. With the Whispering Way’s abduction of her husband’s ghost, Vesorianna’s despair has turned to determination. Before, she could sense her husband’s

spirit somewhere nearby, and her sadness was magnified by its proximity. Yet now that he is gone, all she can feel around her is the combined and growing wrath and cruelty of Harrowstone’s other ghosts. Without her husband’s proximity to temper her, she has changed froma passive element in the supernatural substructure of the prison to a powerful figure indeed—she has effectively stepped in to replace her husband as the ruin’s ghostly barrier. Her presence is the only thing preventing the evil spirits of Harrowstone from boiling out into the surrounding countryside and nearby Ravengro—yet she is not as potent a blockade as her husband was. She knows that the ghosts of Harrowstone have begun to influence Ravengro, and that one of them in particular, the Splatter Man, is building his energy to destroy her. Every time he defaces the monument and adds another of her name’s letters, she feels his power growing and her own waning. She knows it’s only a matter of days before she fails to maintain her husband’s legacy and the ghosts of Harrowstone are released.they she was nonetheless able to observe through the walls to the northwest as these strange people inscribed runes along the ground. She also witnessed the sad end of Professor Lorrimor, slain by foul magic wielded by the leader of the black-robed villains. she describes this man—a thin, gray-skinned human who wore a bone breastplate and carried a black staff capped with a skull gagged by a black cloth—but knows nothing more about him. She can even tell the PCs of how the cultists bashed in the dead man’s head and face with a fragment of gargoyle from a roof above in an attempt, she surmises, to make the man’s death seem more like
an accident. Later that night, after they murdered the man, the black-robed cultists finished their ritual. Whatever they did, they did so out of sight of Vesorianna’s view through
the walls, but she felt the repercussions immediately. It felt like a horrific storm, yet one with no wind that chilled the flesh. This windstorm chilled the soul—it felt to Vesorianna as if her very being was being pulled apart. Yet the horrific sensation passed in an instant…
and when it had, the presence of her husband’s spirit was gone. She can only assume that the black-robed cultists somehow managed to abduct her husband’s spirit, for since that hateful day she’s felt no sign of either her husband or the black-robed cultists.
While she doesn’t know much about the exact nature of the prisoners, their ghosts, or the dangers to be found elsewhere in Harrowstone, she can feel among the hateful dead five distinct and powerful personalities. She suspects that these correspond to the five most dangerous criminals who were imprisoned in Harrowstone at the time of the fire. And also knows that if the PCs can confront and defeat the unquiet spirits of the five key prisoners she’ll be able to contain them and keep them from manifesting again. If the PCs can
defeat all five of the prisoners, and if they can bring to her a symbol of her husband’s office over the prison (his badge of office would work best—Vesorianna suspects it’s hidden somewhere in the dungeons below, along with his mortal remains), she will be able to banish the haunts from Harrowstone entirely. Doing so will release her from this world as well, and will effectively end the haunting of Harrowstone for good.
If the PC’s find objects of value that once belonged to the five spirits, they can use those objects against the five souls. She suggests checking the prison’s property room to the southeast, but warns the PCs before they go that while these objects will aid in defeating the deathless inmates, they are likely also cursed by the unholy link to the long-dead criminals, and that care should be taken when using the objects


Vesorianna Hawkran

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